A sophisticated and well designed of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE Comes out with stylist design, a Galaxy S6 with interesting curve display edges and these display edges are beautiful, a very good choice to raise the sales worldwide.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review

The Galaxy S6 EDGE still has some features all the cool design cues we had seen on the Galaxy 6, these are including a casing with metal sleek and some beautifully styled details (for instance the punched speaker grille), and a glass panel on the back. It’s cute, elegant, magnificant to look at and feels great in the hand because of all that metal round the outside.

The Galaxy S6 EDGE’s dual edge design is kind of something different, it has more slick and refined than the other Galaxy S6 or any other smartphone, The curved sides make this phone appearance looks exclusive, one uniqe thing is that the curved sides can make an illusion that the phone is thinner than it truely is, besides the curvy surfaces seem to present an aesthetic appeal to our eyes, the curved screen creates a very thin strip of bodywork along those two edges for the people who use this phone to grip and access the physical power and volume keys, but sometimes very thin phones can be little bit ‘hard’ to handle in a way that feels safe, the users suppose to get this phone well dressed ( cover) to prevent it from dropping.

Overall it can be said that this Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE is a fine looking phone. Apple oftenly get lots of praise for making a well sight design, but this new device Samsung really is amazingly beautiful, Samsung should be proud of its designer this time. Besides aesthetics consideration, Samsung also is designed with so much more sophisticated feature, now it is easy to know who is calling when the phone is face down, besides we could pre-program up to five colours representing five different people in contacts, the screen’s edges would glow the colours wen they call. There are some colour options in this Samsung phone, they are shimmering black, white, and gold, they are all look stunning.

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