How To Activate Samsung Galaxy S5 Touch Key Light

How To Activate Samsung Galaxy S5 Touch Key Light – When you are operating your Samsung Galaxy S5, you will see the right and left home button will be lit. Thus you will see them easily even you are in low light condition. But, how if you find your touch keys are not illuminated? What will you do to solve that?


Samsung Galaxy S5 Touch Key Light

Please make a question of yourself to check further: “Is the lighting of the touch keys on Galaxy S5 now working correctly?”

Generally, this problem is not caused by the damage of your lighting touch key, it is just disabled due to the saving power mode. So, if you activate this feature, your lighting touch key will automatically disable to save the power. If you want to reactivate the light key you should to disable the power saving mode or just adjust the settings.

To adjust the power saving mode settings, you just need to go to Settings from your home page. And then tap on Quick Settings > Power Settings > Power saving mode > Restrict performance.

Now, remove the check at “Turn of touch key light” box. Now you can enjoy the light key on Samsung Galaxy S5 be lit up again.

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