How to Activate Vibration Mode on S Planner for Samsung Galaxy S5

How to Activate Vibration Mode on S PlannerS Planner is an app which is used to manage your tasks and appointments. On Samsung Galaxy S5, this app installed from factory. By using S Planner, you will remember about your appointments and tasks. So, just trust that you will never forget the appointments or tasks.

activate vibration mode on S Planner

Activate Vibration Mode on S Planner for Galaxy S5

If you want to activate the S Planner, you are not only able to activate the sound but you are also able to activate the vibration. So, if you don’t know how to activate vibration on your Samsung Galaxy S5 for S Planner, we would like to show you the way how to do that.

Open the S Planner app on your Galaxy S5, and then tap at the top right at three-point symbol. Tap on it to open a pop-up menu. And then, select “Settings”, scroll down the submenu till you find “Event Notification”. In this section, you will see the “Vibration”.

Check on the option to enable the feature. And now, when you receive appointment reminding from S Planner, it will be on vibration mode.

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