How to Activate Voice Call Recording on Samsung Galaxy S5 and Other Devices

If you are a busy person, handling your work or business, you should need exchange calls intensively. Sometimes you forget the information you need delivered by your colleague. So, what will you do for that? Calling your colleague again? It seems not cool, right? But, don’t worry about that, the development of technology today can help us from our weaknesses. What a good news, now the good fellows at XDA can help to solve the problem.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Call Recording

The first that you need to do is installing an Xposed Framework Module. The Xposed Framework Module is generally a tool that let you tweak apps and facilitate your phone to be “on the fly”, and one of the things can be the voice call recording. Nonetheless, there are still many reasons that people are not able to operate an Xposed Module.

For the Samsung Galaxy S5, and some popular carriers; the feature has been available in the device. It may be as Samsung’s and the carriers’ decision. But, you should achieve the mod by tweaking an XML file inside the Galaxy S5’s system partition. There are three ways to enable this feature on your Galaxy S5, or other device:

  1. Flashing the script to Odin.
  2. Flashing the script through costom recovery.
  3. Locating the XML file, and edit it manually.

All information you need is available in Official of XDA thread. Make sure that you are able to do it on your phone. Hopefully, you will be success to do this way, and it can help you much…

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