How to Add an Email Account Manually to Galaxy S5

How to Add an Email Account – You need to add an email account on your Samsung Galaxy S5 to get quick access on receiving messages or get the latest news from any website you’ve subscribed.

how to add an email account

How to Add an Email Account

In this post we’re providing a little guide on How to Add an Email Account Manually to your Galaxy S5. Please follow these steps below:

  1. On the Home screen, please open the Apps list.
  2. Go to Settings app.
  3. Go to User and Backup section.
  4. Select Accounts.
  5. Then hit on + Add account.
  6. Please select Email.
  7. Put your Email address and password.
  8. Choose Manual setup.
  9. Choose one of the options: (POP3 account, IMAP account, and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync).
  10. Please adjust the Incoming email configuration settings as you wishes.
  11. Then tap Next.
  12. You can also to change Outgoing Email Configuration Settings.
  13. Press Next.
  14. Please hit OK to accept the Samsung disclaimer.
  15. You need to choose the Email check frequency, Retrieval size, and Notification options.
  16. Next again.
  17. For the optional, you can key in an Account Name.
  18. Hit Done and you’ve finished.

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