Air Browse feature on Samsung Galaxy S5

If you notice your Samsung Galaxy S5 with a hand symbol surrounded by arrows in each direction in the status bar, that means the gesture control “Air Browse” is being activated. This feature allows you to scroll pages and lists by hand movements you want.

Air Browse

This function is completed with integrated touch sensor placed right next to the earpiece of the Samsung Galaxy S5. The sensor is able to detect movements above the phone. You need to hand over a few centimeters without touching, just perform the gesture.

“Air Browse” allows you to:

  • Email – scroll the field of the email text.
  • Gallery – swipe images in the gallery.
  • Internet – switch the opened tabs.
  • Music – change songs in MP3 player.
  • S Note – Switch pages.
  • Music on lock screen – Change songs in MPE player.

The functions can be enabled or disabled individually through a small checkbox.

Thus, to enable the feature on your Samsung Galaxy S5, you need to open:

Menu > Settings > Section “Motion” > Motion and Gestures > Air Browse

With the control bar on the top right, you are allowed to enable or disable the feature.

If you disable the feature, the hand symbol surrounded by arrows will be disappeared on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

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