Battery life on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with Android 7.0 Nougat OS

Samsung Company has lengthen the software changes for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Due to its major alterations, the company has seriously done some tests on the battery life. The tests were conducted on the global Exynos 8890 variant.

The company has done a research on the significant decrease in Wi-Fi browser on 3 full hours. It resulted on the update Nougat which is almost the same with what the Snapdragon 820 could reach on Marshmallow.

Web Browsing


It could be said that the browsing length is excellently  better in score after the update.

Video Playback


The battery life for playing video playback is spectacularly 5 hours. The more amazing one is that the S7 Edge’s original 20+ hours. However, it is still questionable on what causeses this change.

Talk Time


This update brings a bit lower endurance rating in whole of 92 hours ( 6 hours lower compared to Marshmallow).

The new feature of Android 7 Nougat, a lower display resolution, has been also tested to find out whether there’s a positive effect on battery life or not. The native 1440p setting are compared to the lowest setting of 720p for their battery quality.

Then, it can be proven that the resolution change had no impacts on any aspect of the battery life- out of the testing routine. The little differences were found in the minutes and are good in the margin errors. The users might have another usage patterns to bring some significant benefits of having low-res. Gaming is one of the options to make a limitation on the resolution in Game launcher.

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