Best WIFI to solve your slow Wi-Fi connection on Samsung Galaxy S5

Best WIFI App to solve your slow Wi-Fi connection – If you are the user of a wireless repeater to get a strong Wi-Fi signal, you may get a problem with your smartphone at the process of time, especially for your Samsung Galaxy S5.

Best WIFI App

Best WIFI App

When you often to use the Wi-Fi connection for almost a long time, you may feel that your internet connection is getting slower. This is due to, your Galaxy S5 keeps connected to the access point until the connection is too weak, although there is newer and stronger access point nearby. Your wireless signal still keeps in stuck with the old one. This causes your internet speed on your Galaxy S5 that is connected with the Wi-Fi couldn’t be fast as is proper.

If you feel uncomfortable with this, you should try this following app:


Using this app might be able to solve your problem. This app will check if there is stronger Wi-Fi signal available, and then your phone will be connected automatically to the access point. You can easily get this app for free from Google Play Store. Hopefully it can runs well and solve the problem.

Now, you can enjoy your Galaxy S5 with the strong Wi-Fi connection available around you.

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