What you can do with TWRP on your Samsung Galaxy S5

If you are the Android user, we believe that you have enjoyed with features available in your phone. With many apps, sure it can entertain yourself or even ease your life. Moreover if you root or Xposed your Android, you can modify your Android you want.

Samsung Galaxy S5 TWRP

Thus, this article will discuss about everything you can do with TWRP. TWRP is also known as Team Win Recovery Project. By installing TWRP, you can do multiple tasks on your device or utilize the TWRP itself as the tool.

  1. Access the TWRP’s interface
    If you are the users of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, you can do this way: turn off your devices, press and hold the volume up, power and home button at the same time. Your device will automatically on the recovery mode.
  2. Making a backup using NANDroid backup
    From the home screen, go to Backup menu. You don’t need to choose anything, only swipe the slider at the bottom of the screen; you will create your own backup.
  3. Restore the backup
    After making the backup, sometimes you can feel not comfortable with the mod which is not compatible with your device. You may restore the backup by using custom recovery.
    From the TWRP’s main screen, choose the Restore button. You will be shown the list of backups that you have made before. Tap one you need, and you will get the available partition images you can restore. If you copy NANDroid on your computer, move it back to the TWRP/backup folder before you restore.
  4. Flashing ZIPs
    Tap the install button on TWRP’s main menu. Next, you will see the tree of your external storage folder. Zip the file you’ve downloaded from the internet, and put it there.
    Swipe the slider at the bottom to flash it.
  5. Wipe the data
    You can start performing this, by tap Wipe to begin from the TWRP’s main screen. And then, swipe the slide at bottom to perform Wipe.
  6. Fixing Apps permission
    From the TWRP’s main screen, tap on Advanced and chose Fix permissions. Swipe the slider at the bottom, and your apps automatically get the permissions for their respective folders.
  7. Booting back to Android
    If you’re satisfied playing with your TWRP, and you want to escape from it. It’s easy for you, only by tapping Reboot option from the home screen, and then tap System to boot your device back into Android.

Many things you can do with TWRP, isn’t it?

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