How to change Boot Animation in your Samsung Galaxy S5

If you have ever changed your boot animation in your Android devices, you might find it’s easy to do. Just only replace a ZIP file in your system/media folder. But unfortunately, this treatment can’t be done in the Samsung Galaxy S5, since it has been influenced by Samsung TouchWiz.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Boot Animation

Previously, the process to change the boot animation in Galaxy S5 should be completed with a specialized file from custom recovery. But, the fact is the files that are used to change the boot animation are limited.

Today, a new invention from developer anbech has created a single flashable ZIP file, thus the old way to change the boot animation can be applied in your Galaxy S5. This process is easier to do. If you want to see how to change the boot animation in Galaxy S5, you should check the tutorial below:

Things that you need to prepare before the process:

  • Galaxy S5 that has been rooted. [How to Root]
  • Custom recovery installed. (Safestrap for AT&T and Verizon, PhilZ Touch for Sprint, T-Mobile, and international).

Step 1:

You should download the custom boot animation enabler file here, to get the file.

Step 2:

You need to flash the file you’ve downloaded in Recovery Mode. For AT&T and Verizon you can reboot the phone and then press the recovery button.

Tap the, and then swipe the slider to the bottom to install the file. For PhilZ Touch variant, you can easily do it by tapping Yes, and Install. After the process has finished, reboot your phone.

Step 3:


Step 4

After putting the files in one folder, named the folder. And then use root-enabled file browser to navigate to your Download folder. Copy the boot animation Zip file that you’ve downloaded.

Go to root directory, and then navigate to the system folder and go to Media. Paste the file you’ve copied in this place. Rename the file with

After that, you should reboot your device. And look what happened with the boot animation, you will see the new one.

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