How to Change Ringtones, Notifications, or Alarms with Your Own Music or Sounds

Do you want to change the default Ringtones, Notifications, or Alarms on your Samsung Galaxy S5 with your favorite music or sounds? In this post we will give you a little guide to do that. To get your own music or sounds can used as Ringtones, Notifications, or Alarms you need to save the audio files in specific folders.

How to Change Ringtones
Please follow these steps to setup:

  1. Connect your Galaxy S5 to a PC using the USB cable.
  2. On the Home screen, please Swipe down the Notification bar.
  3. You need to Check to see if the USB connection type is Disk drive. But if not, Hit and choose Disk drive.
  4. Using Windows Explorer, click Open folder to view files once the Removable Disk window detected on your PC.
  5. If the Removable Disk window can’t appear automatically, please try another USB port.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Please Double click the Media folder that appear in the Windows Explorer window.
  8. Choose the Ringtones, Alarms, or  Audio/Notifications.
  9. Choose your favorite song or sound files on your PC, then Drag and drop it to the folder you want.
  10. In the system tray, please click the Safely Remove Hardware icon.
  11. Please select the Safely Remove Mass Storage Device.
  12. Hit OK.
  13. Finished, now unplug your Galaxy S5 from the PC and you’ve get the music or sound as your own ringtones, notifications, or alarms.

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