Any Changes after the Nougat update to Samsung Galaxy S7?

Samsung has recently started rolling out the latest Nougat-infused firmware on Galaxy S7/S7 edge more than the previous week. Unfortunately, the users of those devices should have to wait a little longer for their own carrier of selection to launch that desirable Nougat update.

samsung galaxy s7 nougat vs marshmallow

Automatically, they can easily sidelaod the legal Noougat firmware on their phone. However, it is advised especially for the inexperienced users about “firmware”, “flashing”, and “download mode” that they should stay away from arduous practices. They had better wait, no need to mix something up and be left with a non- functioning phone.

There are many major changes of the new features on Galaxy S7 with the Nougat

  1. Nougat to Galaxy S7 with bundled notification
    The good news is when you receive a bunch of notification from one and the similar app, they are going to get bundled together in an unremarkable way. The display will be very awesome to see.
  2. App switcher & split-screen multitasking
    You can see a bit smaller and less obtrusive headers of the apps cards. You can still see up to 4 apps’ card performed simultaneously. The reformatted of the “Close All” button is also small, but the welcome change appears more mature.
    Multi-Tasking in Android features can be still be launched simultaneously like you did before. But now, you can simply swap or close the two windows on the display. The choice to open one of those windows is still available, you could do all of these, including expanding the windows and minimizing them to chat fast, as well as doing copy-paste text between those.
  3. Setting
    Previous Samsung’s main setting was supposed to be the complicated one with several hidden features. For the earlier times, Samsung did make any effort for sophisticated features and functionalities. Now, you will be excited to find the S7 with the same sleek design as the Note 7’s setting menu as well as to have a bit updated iconography instead of the less intuitive Marshmallow. This new settings let you have a more pleasing experience on the shortcuts at the top of the ditched one (good exclusion).
    Here are the differences of the previous and the present device look.

    And now you can visualize the enormous overhaul of the setting menu pecking order. We created two long screen captures of the full menus of Nougat on the S7 and the previous Marshmallow. Have a check on the following.

  4. Iconography, home screen, app drawer, and folders
    Samsung decided to touch-up the stocks icons. The display of the new squircle sport a more consistent look. Still talking about the home screen changes, Samsung had bundled up the wallpaper and themes menus simultaneously in the screen configuration menu. You can access this by long-pressing a blank space on your screen.
    It also has a change on the app drawer. You can find a search bar at the top, it allows you to find the desired app by typing its name or through voice search. The Sort and Edit menus have been in three-dot menus. You can also prove the more stylish appearance which can be seen from the blurred background. You can still make changes of the background of the folder icon, since it is more attractive than the older one.
  5. Stock app
    All of the apps you likely use most have scored flatter, more streamlines interface, completed with a bit redesigned button layouts and text style.
  6. Camera
    If you are already familiar with the Note 7’s camera, you will be also familiar with the S7’s/S7 edge’s camera especially with the Nougat inside. You can find the changes of the text slide for Samsung has already redesigned the Note’s interface to the Galaxy 7. Now, it will be typically gesture-oriented. You can set the change of the camera by swiping up or down, set the camera modes by swiping left, and set the camera left by swiping right. To enable/disable HDR, the flash, or setting access you can simply meddle with old-school button. Over all, it can surely concluded that the camera is a bliss to use, it looks sexier than before.
  7. Other new feature
    Nougat give a fresh screen resolution feature on your S7. You may choose between 720 X 1280 HD mode, 1080 X 1280 Full HD mode, and the original 1440 X 1920 Quad HD mode. When you have finished updating your device, you will perhaps hardly notice that if you do not check your display settings menu cautiously. If you want to maximize the use of your device, you can switch that to the native 1449 X 2560 Quad HD mode.
    The other benefits of the new update is on “High Performance” mode. It sets your display to Quad HD and enables the all-out your phone brightness by 10%. However it cannot lengthen your battery life. The game mode is set to Full HD to increase the brightness and enables Game Tools and Game Launcher, and also Entertainment mode with Quad HD to set the display resolution and UHQ upscaler to enable Video enhancer. These both features are for the better audio and visual performance. And the new screen capture is presented to let you draw on your screenshot. Luckily, the crop and scrolling screen capture modes are still on board.

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