Confirmed: Delay Date of Galaxy S8 Release

The amazing look of the Galaxy S8 is a temptation for the Samsung Maniacs. However, they should be waiting longer to have it as announced by the company.


Samsung’s President, Koh Dong-Jin, when speaking to Reuters, has said that Samsung Galaxy S8 won’t be ready to release at Mobile World of Congress in Barcelona. Koh didn’t mention the exact date to launch the Galaxy S8. Reuters reports that the cause is on the company’s pledge. It is to enhance the product safety after the investigation of the cause of the fire in premium Note 7 device.

The lessons of that incident were deeply reflected in their culture and process, they will be trying so hard to gain the consumer trust back.

The most question directed to Samsung is all about the release date. Some say in April, while others say on April 18th. They are questioning whether Samsung will keep their tradition or not.

The fact that the Galaxy S7 launch on March 11th was an exclusion. The Galaxy S6 went on Sale on April 10th, the S5 on April 11th, the S4 on April 27th. Previously, the Galaxy S3, S2, and S1 handset were not launched until May/June, before the company decided to put more time between the update of Samsung flagships smartphones and Apple’s annual iPhone.

However, Samsung doesn’t seem to make the Galaxy S8 on sale soon. It is said that the S8 would be a really explosive smartphone in the precise way…

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