How to Control TV with Smart Remote on Samsung Galaxy S5

How to Control TV with Smart Remote on Samsung Galaxy S5 – The newest Samsung’s Android smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S5 has an infrared sensor which is you can use it to control your electronic devices, such as TV, DVD, Blu-Ray, air conditioner, etc.

how to control tv with smart remote
Here, we provide a little tips How to Control TV with Smart Remote app on your Galaxy S5, hope you’ll enjoy! We recommend you to subscribe to our newsletter, so you will get all about Samsung Galaxy S5 update will be sent to your email.

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Smart Remote setup:
  1. On your Galaxy S5, open Smart Remote app and then select your country.
  2. Enter your Zip Code then select your Cable or Satellite Provider.
  3. Tap the Personalize button if you want personalized suggestions (you can also press Skip).
  4. Select the Genres you are interested in (if you choose to Personalize), and the press Next when finished.
  5. Check or uncheck the Sports to arrange your favorite sports.
  6. Enter your Age and Gender.
  • How to Control your TV with Smart Remote

Please follow the steps below to Setup Smart Remote as TV Remote:

  1. Open Smart Remote app, press the Remote icon and then press Continue.
  2. Select your TV Brand, press Show Other Brands if your brand is not listed.
  3. Tap Power button on the screen to see if the remote code works with your TV. Press Yes if it does and press No if it doesn’t.
  4. Choose the Source of your channels (if you receive your channels from a set-top box, just select the manufacturer from the list provided).
  5. Press the Channel button.
  6. Finished, you can now control your TV using the Smart Remote app.

You can also watch a video tutorial from ITJungles on How to Control Your TV With Smart Remote below:

How to Control TV with Smart Remote


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