How to create a new contact group on Samsung Galaxy S5

How To Create A New Contact Group – On your Samsung Galaxy S5, you are able to create a new contact group in contact app. This will ease you in sending message, because you will send message to particular people in a group. This is very easy to do, because the contacts can be sorted quickly.

create a new contact group

You can add the contact in a group based on these criteria on Samsung Galaxy S5:

  • ICEemergency contacts
  • Co-Workers
  • Friends
  • Family
  • My contacts
  • Starred in Android

When you add a new contact, automatically it will be on My Contacts by default.

But, if you want to create a new contact group, you should open the contact app from the home screen, and tap on button with an icon of two people near the search box. You are now in a group list. To add a new group, tap at the top right on Plus icon.

A window opens to create a new group. You will be provided options like following:

  • Create Group in
  • Group Name
  • Group Ringtone
  • Group Message Tone
  • Group Vibration Pattern

You can add the contacts in the contact group. If you have made your own setting, you just need to tap at the top right to save the setting of your contact group. And now you have made your own contact group on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

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