How to Delete Contact Groups on Samsung Galaxy S5

How to Delete Contact Groups – After previously we’ve posted about how to create a new contact group on Samsung Galaxy S5, if you’ve made different groups in your contact app on your Samsung Galaxy S5, and then you want to delete one of them.

how to delete contact groups

But if you don’t know how to delete the contact group you have created, we will show you how to do that. Check on explanation below:

You need to open the contact on your Galaxy S5, and then tap on the right of search box with an icon of two people. It will directly open the contact groups. To delete the contact group, tap on three-dots icon at the top right. And then a small pop menu will appear, and tap on “Delete group”.

You are also able to mark first the list of your group from the contacts app. Check in the boxes you want, and then tap on the upper right corner on “Finish”. A window appears to confirm whether you want to delete the groups or with the contacts too. If you don’t want remove the contact, you need to tap on “Only group”. Confirm your selection and it’s finished.

Now, you have known how to delete contact group on your Samsung Galaxy S5

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