How to Delete Kids Mode Files on Samsung Galaxy S5

Sometimes, you may need to delete the Kids mode files on your Galaxy S5 after your children getting bored using the Kids mode or your internal storage getting full. In this post we provide a little tips how to delete Kids mode files on Samsung Galaxy S5, after previously you can read about how to use Kids mode and how to exit from the Galaxy S5 Kids mode.

This app may take much space of your internal storage, because this app produces a lot of files. Thus, you might need to clean up your internal storage from the files produced in Kids mode.

Step 1: Go to app drawer, and start My files. Choose device storage as the picture below:


Step 2: Tap on Kids mode as the picture above. All files produced by the Kids mode app are saved in this folder.

When you tap on the kids mode, you will find many subfolders related with the app. For instance, you might want to delete files of Karaoke app.

Step 3: Choose kidstalk_app > talk folder

You can see the sound files created by your kids like the picture below:


Step 4: Tap and hold one file to select.

When you hold one file, you can select the other files as you want to delete. After you choose the selected files, you have 3 options on the top about what do you want to do with the files:

  1. The rubbish bin (in red box), you can delete the selected files using this option.
  2. Share button (in yellow box), you can share the selected files to other apps.
  3. The menu button (in blue box), you can move the selected files to other location storages, or zip the selected files).

To ease your job managing the files, of course you can use PC to delete them. Connect your Galaxy S5 with an USB cable to the PC. You can manage all files in the subfolder of the Kids mode easily.

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