How to Delete Old Messages Automatically on Samsung Galaxy S5

Remove and let your Samsung Galaxy S5 do the work for you. Yes. This allows your phone to perform automatic deletion function. What you should do is to configure some settings beforehand, according to your preferences.

How to Delete Old Messages Automatically

Here, we provide a little tip about How to Delete Old Messages Automatically on Samsung Galaxy S5, you can follow these steps if you’re thinking that you would like more help in longing the complete configuration method.

1. Please go to the Home screen and tap Apps to start with.

2. Tap Messages to proceed.

3. Now tap the Menu icon that located at the higher right corner of the Messages screen (represented by 3 vertical dots).

4. Roll the screen down and choose Settings from the Menu drop-down choices.

5. Roll to Delete Old Messages to show the feature on.

6. Please tap Text message limit under Delete Old Messages to set the number of messages per conversation.

7. Roll to the required variety of text message limit.

8. Tap OK to make sure text message of input limit.

You should currently be seeing the Text Message Limit variety has already been modified to your required variety. Your phone can currently delete old messages from your inbox.

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