How to Enable LTE Connection on Samsung Galaxy S5

How to Enable LTE-Only Connection on Samsung Galaxy S5 – Even if you have a high smartplan data packets, there are at times when your cell phone or mobile operator dropped connections. This usually happens when you finish your call or changing position away with a cellular tower when you are traveling.

Enable LTE-Only Connection on Samsung Galaxy S5
When a connection decline occurs, usually you will experience a slower connection. So this is very annoying you, when you desire to download it turns hampered by a slow connection. Especially for those of you who are familiar with the speed of 4G LTE, up to as much as possible you will continue to compare the connection.

From this background, the developer Marcel Dopita Xposed created a module, which allows you to keep the S5 Galaxy smartphone is connected to a LTE tower. So if you are interested to stay connected with LTE connection, you may need to read the following tutorial:

First you need to prepare Galaxy S5 rooted, and installed Xposed framework.

Step 1: Install “LTE Only mode for S5

This module allows the Galaxy S5 you to stay connected with LTE tower.

To install, in the Downloads section of Xposed Installer you can search for LTE Only mode for the S5. Then slide more than two times to select the Settings tab.

Then, press Versions to be shown and Experimental select from the following menu.

After that slide back Versions tab, and press the Download button on the latest entry.

This will automatically launch the installer Android device, then select Install on the next screen.

Step 2: Enabling connectivity only LTE connectivity

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