How to Exit from Samsung Galaxy S5 Kids Mode

As we know that by using the Galaxy S5 Kids mode can save our smartphone while it’s used by our children. At our previous post, we’ve provided a little tips how to use Samsung Galaxy S5 Kids mode, and now we will give you again a tip about how to exit from the Galaxy S5 Kids mode without PIN.

How to Exit from Samsung Galaxy S5 Kids Mode

We can exit from Samsung Galaxy S5 kids mode by using the exit button, here you must enter the correct PIN. When you restarting your phone, but if in the previous it’s still in the kids mode, it’ll not change to the normal mode.

The problem is what should I do if I forget the PIN?

How to Exit from Samsung Galaxy S5 Kids Mode without PIN

Actually, you still can exit from the kids mode. But, it might not work in Galaxy S5S.

If you typed wrong PIN for 5 times, a dialog will appear “forgotten your PIN?”. Tap on it, and you directly go back to the normal mode. Next time, if you want to enter the Kids mode, you will be asked to enter a new PIN.

But, there are some issues, that this might not work well for some people. Some owners of Galaxy S5 complained this way, that they can’t exit from the Kids mode when they forgot the PIN. So, it’ll be better for you to remember the PIN.

Try to hide this secret from your kids. It’ll be useless if your kids know this. They can make wrong the PIN for 5 times to escape from the Kids mode. Once again, make sure that only young kid use this, not teenagers.

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