What to Expect from the Samsung Galaxy S6

Last year Samsung launched the series of Galaxy S named the Galaxy S5. And in 2015, Samsung continue the Galaxy S generation by launching the Galaxy S6. The device expects to bring premium features and body on it, so that there are many improvements available on the device.


According to a report, Samsung will release two variants of Galaxy S6 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in March 2015.

The first model is reported to come with metal body. This is as the improvement of where most of Galaxy S devices used plastics casings. But, we don’t know whether the metal body is similar like the iPhone which has full metal there or just metal accent.

And the second model is said to come with a curved screen like what owned by the Galaxy Note Edge which launched last year. On the Note Edge, the curved screen is separated from the main display, which is used to display stuff of notifications or live updates of apps.

Moreover, in MWC show Samsung will also release a new smartwatch with round screen. It’s like Moto 360 smartwatch which got many praises for the design.

Previously, Samsung has launched its metal phone last year, it named the Galaxy Alpha. The Galaxy Alpha has a metal band around the edge. And it looks like the metal band which surrounded the iPhone 5S.

Else, last year Samsung also launched the Galaxy Note 4 which also has two versions, one with a curved screen and one without it.

A source said that the Galaxy S6 is released to test the market for curved screen and premium materials available in Galaxy S6.

Unfortunately we don’t know exactly when the device will be launched. But, based on its custom, Samsung always announce its flagship device about a month before the device is on sale. So, if the announcement is scheduled in March, so the device will be available in the market in April.

Besides, in term of operating system, the device is guessed to come with Android Lollipop, hopefully the latest version will be included on it. We can see there are a few leaks of Android Lollipop on Samsung devices, but there is no official confirmation yet.

Last year was a tough year for Samsung, where the company’s profit were down 37 percent for the holiday quarter 2014.

Moreover, the tough competition between many smartphone vendors also affected the sales. Samsung competed with Chinese manufactures like Xiaomi which offered nice Android phones cost much cheaper than Samsung.

So that is why, Samsung will face a great challenge for the Galaxy S6, where Samsung has to prove the powerful ability to publics with premium price.

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