How to Fix Overheating and Draining Battery on Your Smartphones

How to Fix Overheating and Draining Battery – How to keep your battery life from your Galaxy devices has been well-informed previously. Now, time to learn how to manage things if you experience overheating and draining battery.

How to Fix Overheating and Draining Battery

As we notice from users’ complaints on these issues, we also have many suggestions from them as well. Users mention that problem appears after a newest update delivered to Oculus app. Samsung’s Galaxy Gear VR Service and an Oculus update are the main causes behind this quick death of battery life. It also makes the device hot.

Tips to fix Galaxy S7 Overheating and Draining Battery (can also be applied on other Galaxy devices)

The owner of Samsung Galaxy may experience overheating and draining battery as well as performance problems. And if you experience this, you don’t need to worry. It can be simply fixed. The main cause of this problem might be VR. Therefore, you can just disable or delete the Gear VR service while waiting Oculus to send an update to fix the issues.

  1. Go to Setting > Applications > Application Manager.
  2. Find Gear VR Service.
  3. Uninstall or disable.

There is another way suggested by the community discussion to solve these problems. They advise users to firstly uninstall Oculus Home, and then Oculus Rooms, and then re-dock “the Galaxy device”. After that, it automatically downloads the up-to-date working update.

Don’t forget to open the app and make sure if it works to fix the problems or not before uninstalling or disabling. Some users have shared that Oculus update pressed itself when they open the apps. The update is supposed to fix the issue. if it doesn’t work, simply try the above tips to fix the problem.

Please let us know your experience in fixing your Samsung Galaxy S7’s overheating and draining battery problem. Share if it is helpful to disable the Gear VR service or uninstall the Oculus app.

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