How to fix Samsung Galaxy S5 doesn’t charge or charge slowly

Samsung Galaxy S5 doesn’t charge Samsung Galaxy S5 has been available since early of this year. But, there is a report that the device couldn’t charge at all, or it charges very slowly.

Samsung Galaxy S5 charge slowly

Samsung Galaxy S5 doesn’t Charge or Charge Slowly


  • Make sure that you use the charger and cable which originally comes from Samsung. Sometimes, other chargers have different voltage ratings and don’t compatible with Galaxy S5. Try to connect your device at least for 30 minutes before you turn it on.
  • Try to change the wall socket, and try to apply the cable and charger to other devices to ensure you that there is no problem with them. You can try the different charger with the same voltage rating.
  • Try to charge the Galaxy S5 with your laptop or PC. It might takes a little longer to charge rather than the charger which plugged into the wall.
  • Check at the charging port, you may blow it slowly or use compressed air to remove the blocks that might intrude the charging process.
  • If the ways above are not work to your device, you may have completely dead battery or charger. You can contact the retailer, carrier or even Samsung to fix the problem. If your device is out of warranty, you can buy the replacement by yourself.

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