How to Fix Slow Camera Issue on Samsung Galaxy S5

How to Fix Slow Camera IssueSamsung Galaxy S5 users have reported the slow camera issue on their phone. They said that the Samsung Galaxy S5′ camera need a long times to focus prior to shooting the necessary pictures, so it becoming an annoying issue while they want to capture the right moments. Are you experiencing the same thing also?

How to Fix Slow Camera Issue
Reportedly, that is a defective feature on the Galaxy S5 and Samsung is working hard to to fix it. But, in some cases, the slow camera issue can also caused by Multitasking and Settings on the phone.

So in this case, you can try the tips below:

  1. Go to Home screen.
  2. Tap the App.
  3. Select Camera app.
  4. Press the Gear icon.
  5. Then toggle Picture stabilization to OFF mode.
  6. Finished.

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