Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy S6 Edge

Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy S6 Edge – Recently Samsung has launched two versions of its best flagship device. You can guess, that it is the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. But, have you ever thought which one is better? Well, if you are still confused we would like to tell you the comparisons of the regular Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge below:

galaxy s6 vs galaxy s6 edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs S6 Edge

Price and Release Date

Both versions of the Galaxy S6 have been released on April 10. You can purchase the regular version at $599 (off-contract) for the 32 GB model, and the 32 GB of Galaxy S6 Edge at $699. If you are in the UK, you can get the Galaxy S6 at £549 and the Galaxy S6 Edge at £649, both for the 32 GB versions.

Design and Build

In term of design, there is no significant difference between these two devices. Both devices are solid, and feel great to keep. The difference is only at the design, where the Galaxy S6 has rounded corners, the volume button is located on the left hand side, and the power button and the SIM tray are on the right hand side.

Moreover, the Galaxy S6 Edge has a cross-section a little bit like a pie, with the sloped screen on the top half of the edges, the buttons are located on the bottom half of the aluminum chassis. This creates a comfortable ridge around the edge to help the grip.

The SIM tray of the Galaxy S6 Edge is at the top of the phone, because there is no enough space on the side. Then, at the top and bottom side you can find: micro USB, headphone port and speaker grill on the bottom, and IR blaster and pinhole mic at top.

Both devices covered by Gorilla Glass 4 on the front and back, it also features an durable layer protection (according to drop test videos).

In addition, both devices have the same home button, “back” and “recent app” button. On the rear side, you can find 16MP of camera with OIS and a single LED completed with heart rate monitor, and ambient light meter on the side by side.


Talking about display, both phones have a 5.1 inch of Quad HD Super AMOLED with 2560×1440 pixels resolution and 577 ppi. The different thing is on the sides: the Galaxy S6 has a flat design and the S6 Edge has a dual curved display on the both sides of the device.

Indeed the Galaxy S6 Edge has its curved screen, but it is not like the Galaxy Note Edge. Where the Note Edge has an additional strip screen on the side, and the Galaxy S6 Edge has a flat screen with slightly rounded edges.


Both devices run on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop, and featured of refurbished TouchWiz. While, not as like the regular Galaxy S6, the Galaxy S6 Edge is gifted specific features, such as: People Edge, Edge Lighting and Information Stream. It’s nice to know that the features can be activated at any given time and work together.

  1. People Edge
    By using People Edge, you are allowed to apply different colors up to five different contacts. When there is a notification from one of these contacts, a correlating color strip appears on the edge of the display. You may swipe out to view the detail information and respond it directly, or tap on a shortcut at the top to access the five contacts you have saved.
  2. Edge Lighting
    The Edge lighting works best the phone is lying face down on a table. If there is incoming call or message from the correlated contact, the edge of the screen will light up the set color that you can see reflected on the surface.
    If you wanna reject the call, or send a default message just simply touch the heart rate sensor on the back. The Edge lighting and the Edge people works simultaneously.
  3. Information Stream
    Previously the information stream has come to the Galaxy Note Edge. By using the information stream, you can choose a selection of feeds steadily appears along the edge display. From RSS feeds, you can have stocks of reports, sport scores and notifications. You can cover the latest news using the information stream on the Galaxy S6 Edge.
  4. Night Clock
    You can apply this mode on your S6 Edge without needing too much battery power. It helps you from taking your phone and turning it on easily to check what time it is.


In term of performance between the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge, it is still intangible. Because, internally they are similar with a little change in software, so there is no gap about the performance of the two devices.


Marginally, the Galaxy S6 Edge has larger battery than the regular Galaxy S6 without knowing the reason. Both devices are able to do Qi wireless charging and wired turbo charging. The later allows you to charge the battery with four hours extra stand by time from only ten minutes of charging time. This is a great feature of charging features that supports non-removable battery.

Final Result

Both devices are very good with the new features and also the hardware. So, if you want to know the winner, we can say that the winner is the Galaxy S6 Edge. You know it’s not only a gimmick, it’s really becoming new invention of smartphones.

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