Google has found some flaws in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

11 Security flaws in Samsung’s flagship android handset has been in Google’s spotlite, the Galaxy S6 Edge. It gives lot of chances to hackers to ‘ mess up” the device and take private data . Google’s Project Zero team has recorded , the licensees of Android are crucial things for android security services research , Android presents additional and probably (vulnerable) code into devices at all of the special levels and they are going to give security updated very often for their devices to carries.

Google has found some flaws in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Natalie Silvanovich from project zero has posted in a blog he wrote “ Google does not make many Android devices , it has been made by external companies known as Original Equipment Manufacturers or OEMs which use the Android Open-Source Project (AOSP)”

Dailymail reports zero blog post has full detail of each vulnerabilities including some deficiencies in the way images are used , problems with some drivers and the capability for Javascript in emails.

The investigation of deficiencies has been highlighted by Google’s project Zero and find how fast Samsung resolve the problem, Most of the problems were handled after Google informed to Samsung. Google explains the cases with Samsung’s device as ‘ big effect ‘it means they are crucial thing. Deficiencies include script injections, driver problems, image parsing problems and weakness of permission also a directory traversal bug that lets a file to be put in random locations.

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