How to Hide Pictures in Private Mode on Samsung Galaxy S5

How to Hide Pictures in Private ModeSamsung Galaxy S5 is equipped with a lot of features that Samsung company has added to its TouchWiz skin. One of the features owned by Samsung Galaxy S5 is a Private Mode that enables you to keep pictures, videos, and documents only for your eyes.


It’s not difficult for you to access the Private mode from the quick setting you find in the notification panel. But, if you have not customized it, here we would like to share with you on how to.

  1. Please, tap on the icon for launching the setup process. It is going to give you a quick rundown of what it’s meant and then prompt you for setting up an unlocked method when trying to access Private mode in the future time.
  2. When the Private mode is already on, now you can move the files there at your spare time. But, you cannot choose the photo while viewing it in full screen, just when it is being in the album in the thumbnail format, that wasn’t quite well explained in the mini tutorial of Samsung.
  3. Long press on the wanted image thumbnails (song, video,  voice record or document) and choose the menu button at the top right corner (the three vertical white dots).
  4. Now you have to select ‘’Move to Private’’, that will move the pictures to a bring new Private album.
  5. When you are done and wishing to get out of Private mode, please swipe down the notifications panel and tap on the Private mode turned off. It will turn off Private mode, thus, any open content will be shut.
  6. You can now be assured that any files you’d like to keep in private will be staying that way, even if someone else is trying to sneak around in your smartphone or in case that it is lost or stolen.

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