How Root and TWRP on Galaxy S5, Add Missing Toggles and Super 4K Recording

Just recently, from one of the members of XDA developer forum, we have already got a new tweaks and tricks for Samsung devices. These tricks are expected to bring the performance improvement in Samsung galaxy S5.

Firstly, we will let you know the only way to get root access on your Samsung Galaxy S5. This can be done through a flashable file made by XDA member “Manh_IT”. You can flash this file easily, by just following the instructions made via the official XDA thread.

However, it is imperative to note that this method of flashing file will affect your warranty void. In our observation, it is found that the developer has included a working version of TWRP custom recovery. This custom recovery is a kind of second option that you might need in the future. In this regard, if you do not want, you do not need to install TWRP to get root.

Secondly, if your Samsung Smartphone has a problem of missing toggles in the quick panel or drawer, then it will be fixed very soon with this tweaks. There is an XDA member named “mocvsab” who give a solution to this most specific of Samsung issues. What you have to do is just go on over to his XDA thread for instructions. As you may have understood, there are various missing toggles that can happen in a Smartphone, like a missing Data toggle, or a missing WiFi toggle – X

As you also must been aware, the great camera features from many Samsung devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Note 3, and Note 4 is about the ability to record in 4K resolution. However, one of the weaknesses of this feature in Samsung device is that Samsung has made this feature to stop recording at 5 minutes worth of video.

In this regard, an XDA contributor named “kevinrocksman” has made a tweak that it will enable you to make a video of 4K quality as long as an hour more. This in turn will be dependent on the capacity of the storage. However, using these tricks, there will be no longer an only 4 minutes recording in your 4K video. To get it, what you have to do is just to check out that cool feature via his XDA thread.

Above all of the benefits made by these tricks from XDA forum, it is imperative to note that these tweaks will require root access. This step will void any kind of warranty made available by Samsung. Hence, if you want to swap that for better performance, we recommend you to first consider carefully.

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