How to activate USB debugging mode on Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 edge

How to activate USB debugging mode – If you plug your Samsung Galaxy S6 to your computer using USB cable, you may notice that your phone can not be recognized by the computer as a media device, but as a camera. Thus, you can’t copy or move files from or to your phone.

how-to-activate-usb-debugging-on-galaxy s6

If you have ever experienced this problem, follow the detail below to get a USB connection to access the file system:

To process this, you need the USB debugging mode on your Galaxy S6 to be activated. This option can be found in the developer options. The developer options are not visible at the first time, so it should be activated.

Using the developer options you can change various options to improve or optimize the performance of your Galaxy S6. To activate this function just open the Menu > Settings > Device Information.

After that, you will find the entry “Build Number”. Tap several times quickly on this entry to activate the developer mode.

After tapping for about seven times, a message box said “developer mode enabled” will appears at the bottom of the screen.

The developer options can be used via Menu > Settings. They are located to the left of the “device information”. If you have opened this, you can see the “USB debugging” option.

Put a tick in the checkbox to activate this feature on your Galaxy S6. Thus, when you connect your phone to the computer, the phone will be detected automatically as a media device.

Now you can access the file from your Galaxy S6 via USB cable on your computer.

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