How to Activate Vibration for New Emails on Samsung Galaxy S6

Do you want to be notified by a vibration if some new email is arriving on your Samsung Galaxy S6?. If yes, you have to enable this option in the settings.


However, it is found that to do this is not so easy. Because of that, we will here let you the ways to activate vibration for new emails in your Galaxy S6. Please follow these steps:

  1. Open on the Samsung Galaxy S6 from the home screen: Menu –> Android settings –>Sounds and notifications –> App Notifications –> E-Mail
  2. After that, please tap at the top right on the gear icon. Further, choose your account name or email address, in which the vibration is to be activated for new incoming emails.
  3. After those steps, you can switch the controller at “vibrating” from “Off” to “On”.

Doing those three steps, you vibration for new e-mails on the Samsung Galaxy S6 has been successfully activated.

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