How to apply profile picture for contacts on your Samsung Galaxy S6

You can assign each contact on your Samsung Galaxy S6 with a profile picture in the Android Contact app. By applying a profile picture, you can easily see and find out the contact in the contacts list easily.

samsung galaxy s6 pictures

If you are still confused of how to apply a profile picture to a contact on your Samsung Galaxy S6, we would like to tell you of how to do it.

Firstly, you need to open the home screen on your Samsung Galaxy S6. You will see all contacts. Tap on a contact that you want to apply the profile picture.

After that, tap on “Edit”, here you can change the contact information and also apply the contact picture. Click at the “Blank Profile Picture with the Camera Icon” to apply the profile picture on the contact you chose. You can either take a picture directly from your camera or select an image from the gallery. If you have decided your choice, then the profile picture is used on the contact.

Now you have successfully added a profile picture for a contact on your Samsung Galaxy S6.

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