How to avoid Problem of Randomly Opens Google Play Store in Samsung Galaxy S5

It is often happens that in Samsung Galaxy S5, the Google Play Store suddenly opens up on its own and worse it leads you to a particular app or game download page. Of course, this will be an annoying situation since it is as we are are trapped to download the app that we actually do not need and like too much.

If your Samsung Galaxy S5 randomly opens the Google Play Store, then it is possible that it will be infected with a new type of threat called adware. This adware aims to lead to download some app.

Of course, what you have to do to solve this issue is by improving the security system of your Smartphone. This can be done by installing an antivirus program in your Samsung Galaxy S5. Please select the most credible antivirus program available in the Google Play Store.

Other than improving the antivirus program, you can avoid malware and adware in your phone through these simple tips, as follows:

  1. If you are going to download an app, please always make sure to check the publisher. If it is quite strange to you, then simply avoid it.
  2. Please read the reviews made by other people on the app you want to download. If you find some negative reviews, please consider to cancel the download.
  3. Please check out what permissions are needed for the app to run. If you think that the app will get to much and deep access to your phone, for example to your contact list, then please consider to cancel the download.

These are the tips to avoid adware and malware problem that among other may cause random opens of Google Play Store.

We hope these tips are helpful for you.

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