How to Calibrate Compass on Samsung Galaxy S6

How to Calibrate CompassSamsung Galaxy S6 brings a variety of sensors, includes a sensor on board which the magnetic north can be detected. By using this magnetic sensor, you can use the compass on Samsung Galaxy S6.

How to Calibrate Compass on Samsung Galaxy S6

How to Calibrate Compass on the Galaxy S6

This is very useful for outdoor navigation function. Due to the environmental circumstances influence, the sensor can be inaccurate. So, it is very suggested to calibrate the sensor for compass function on the Samsung Galaxy S6 to avoid the inaccurateness. Thus, we would like to show you how to calibrate the compass on your Galaxy S6:

For the first time, open the service menu on your Samsung Galaxy S6. Open the phone app and then type on the tab keypad the following code:

Now you will see the options in the service menu. Tap in the middle with name “sensor”. Now scroll the screen down to the “Magnetic Sensor”.

A red compass needle means that the compass should be calibrated. Now, turn the Samsung Galaxy S6 around all three axes.

If the calibration process is successful, you will see a blue compass needle and a number “3”. The number means the calibration for all three axes.

Now, you can use the compass on your Samsung Galaxy S6 with the correct direction. Redo this process over time because the magnetic sensor changes from time to time.

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