How to change device name on Samsung Galaxy S5

How to Change Device Name – When you connect your Samsung Galaxy S5 via Bluetooth to the PC or other phones, the name of your device will automatically detect. By default, the name of Samsung Galaxy S5 device is GT-I9505. Of course you can set a new name on your device.

Samsung Galaxy S5 device name

To change the name of your Galaxy S5 which runs on KitKat, take a look on the tutorial below:

To change the device name, you need to navigate your Galaxy S5 to the Settings menu. And then tap on About Device. In the entry, you will find the entry of Device Name. Tap on this entry and you can change the device name with your desired name. Once you finished creating the name, confirm your choice by tapping on OK. The new device name will be displayed on the other devices connected with your Samsung Galaxy S5.

Now, you have known how to change the KitKat Samsung Galaxy S5 device name.

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