How to change LED light for WhatsApp notification on the Samsung Galaxy S6

When you receive a WhatsApp message on the Samsung Galaxy S6, you can see there is a LED notification besides a notification alert. The LED notification on the Samsung Galaxy S6 is in a white color. Of course, for WhatsApp notification the light color can be customized with your own.

whatsapp samsung galaxy s6

For example: you want to set green for the LED of WhatsApp notification. Here, we would like to show you how to change WhatsApp LED light color on your Samsung Galaxy S6.

From the home screen, tap on Menu > WhatsApp.

Once the WhatsApp opens, tap on the Message list then you will find the three-dot icon at the top right. You will see a pop-up opens, then select the Settings, go to Notifications > Light. You can choose one from seven different colors of light.

From now on, when you receive WhatsApp messages the color changes to your desired color.

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