How to change lock screen image on Samsung Galaxy S6

How To Change Lock Screen Image – When you wake up your Galaxy S6 after stand-by you will see the lock screen. Usually the lock screen is protected by a PIN, pattern, fingerprint or even only sliding. On the lock screen you can see a background image this is called as lock screen image.

how to change lock screen image on galaxy s6

You can change the image by yourself easily. How to process it, we will show you the detail below:

From your home screen tap on menu buttons, and then select settings. Now find the “Wallpaper” button and tap here. After that tap on “Lock screen”, and choose your desired image in the gallery of your Galaxy S6 to be used as the lock screen image.

After you decided the image, set the picture for lock screen by tapping on “Save” button.

Now, you have successfully set a wallpaper for the lock screen on your Galaxy S6.

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