How to Change Screen Modes on Samsung Galaxy S6

Are you a Samsung Galaxy S6 owners? and did you know that you can actually change the way colors look on your smartphone?
How to Change Screen Modes on Samsung Galaxy S6The standard one is a display setting where the show automatically changes to light conditions and may get into overdrive on the particularly warm morning, “Adaptive display”, for example, when it increases brightness to high levels. This makes it possible to read what’s in these difficult problems also about the display. The other screen modes are: “AMOLED Cinema”, “AMOLED photo”, and “Basic”.

Please follow these steps below to change the screen modes on your Samsung Galaxy S6:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on the Display option.
  3. Then select the Screen modes tab.
  4. You will see 4 different color profiles available, the default is “Adaptive display”.
  5. Choose the other ones you want, and notice how the image of the containers changes slightly in appearance (noticeable only around the phone itself).
  6. Finished.

We recommend you to choose the Basic mode if you’re a photographer and value the monitor mode that delivers colors closest for the business sRGB standard. It is actually much nearer to these industry standards, although it’ll initially seem a little boring in comparison to the conventional Adaptive mode.

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