How to change storage location for photos of the camera in Samsung Galaxy S6

Normally, if the users of Samsung Galaxy S6 take a photo, the image will be automatically saved in the internal memory of the Smartphone. This is a default setting made by the factory of Samsung.

change photo storage location on samsung galaxy s6

In case that the users of Samsung Galaxy S6 has already inserted a micro SD memory card into their Smartphone, they sometimes want to save the image taken by their phone in micro SD instead of internal memory. This kind of saving an image is often performed so that the internal memory keeps free.

Now, we will let you know the tips to automatically save photo in micro SD of your Smartphone. Here is the ways:

  1. Please look at thecamera  Within it, please tap the icon in the form of a gear.
  2. After tapping it, a small menu will appear. Please tap on the iconwith the three points.
  3. After tapping it, you will see differenttiles on the screen. Please note that each tile is representing an adjustment of the camera software.
  4. Please scroll downa little bit until until you can see “location”.
  5. After that, please tap the Tapping it, now  you have the following options: device, or; SD card
  6. To make your photo automatically saved into micro SD, please select the “SD card”.
  7. The setting will be effective for all subsequent photo taking.

Please have a try. Good luck!

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