How to Change Themes on TouchWiz UI Samsung Galaxy S6

There is a new feature on the Samsung Galaxy S6 which is used to customize the design and the colors of TouchWiz UI, this feature is called Themes. You can choose many different themes which consist of different wallpapers, icons and colors.

TouchWiz UI Samsung Galaxy S6 Themes

Thus, when you have set it, you will feel like having the Galaxy S6 more individual. Here, we will show you how to change the TouchWiz theme on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

On the home screen pinch your both fingers as you want to zoom out an image. This action will reduce the home screen and display various options. In the options, you will see a button “Themes”. Tap on this button and you can see all available themes installed on your Samsung Galaxy S6.

Moreover, you can also download the themes from the store.

You have known how to change TouchWiz UI themes on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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