How to connect external hard drive directly to the Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 is available with the storage up to 128 GB. This space is so suitable for the filming of videos in 4K quality. But, this space is also fast getting smaller if at file size more than 40 GB.

connect external hard drive on samsung galaxy s6

We would like to give you a suggestion in which you can plug your external hard drive with the Samsung Galaxy S6.

What you need is an external hard drive with its own power supply and Wicked Chili 5in1 Adapter Micro USB.

Connect this Micro USB adapter into the Samsung Galaxy S6. Now, you can connect the phone with the external hard drive or a Micro SD card, and you can access the files via a file explorer.

It’s better if the file system of the media is FAT 32, and not in NTFS format. Otherwise, the device may not be recognized or reported as incompatible.

So, we can say that this adapter is very useful for us if we want to copy data via another storage medium to your smartphone.

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