How to create a slide show and video clip on the Samsung Galaxy S5

It is possible for you if you want to send your friends slideshow music from your pictures on your Samsung Galaxy S5. On the Android Lollipop of your Galaxy S5, the feature is integrated with the gallery apps.

How to create a slide show on Samsung Galaxy S5

So, you can create a video clip out of a slide show for your family, friends and even your acquaintances. Then, we would like to show you how to create a slideshow on your Galaxy S5 and how to send it as a video clip.

From the home screen, open the gallery app and then tap on the three-point icon at the upper right. You will be in a new menu then, and you can select “Slide Show”. If the images appear in the slide show, now you should tap on a blank space to display the option. The following options are displayed:

  • Slideshow Settings
  • Create Video Clip

You need to tap on “Create Video Clip” and select the images you want to add to the slideshow followed by the video clip export. If you have made your choice, then tap on the “Finish” at the top right. You will be in a small editor, you also can add a title to the slideshow, background music, even transition effects. If you have finished editing your slideshow, tap on the disk icon at the top right. At the end you can set the resolution.

After that tap on “Save”, and your slideshow is now converted into a video clip format. It takes a little bit longer depends of amount of the images. Once it is finished, you can send the video clip to your close person.

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