How to Disable App Update Notifications on Samsung Galaxy S6

Of course on your new Samsung Galaxy S6 you have installed apps in it. These apps usually get the updates from the Google Play Store. So, you will be noticed about it on your status bar of the Galaxy S6. Sometimes, the app updates notifications disturb you, especially when you have many apps installed on your handset.

app update notification galaxy s6

Here, we would like to tell you how to disable apps update notifications on Samsung Galaxy S6. For this purpose, you need to follow below steps:

First of all, you should open the Google Play Store on your Samsung Galaxy S6.

Pull the left side of the Google Play Store, till you see the menu bar moves to the middle. Now, tap on Settings, scroll down a little bit and you will see the option of “app updates available” and “apps were auto-updated”. You need to uncheck both boxes, and you will not see the apps update notifications on your Samsung Galaxy S6 anymore.

Now you know how to disable app update notifications on Samsung Galaxy S6.

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