How to Disable App Update of the Play Stores in Samsung Galaxy S6

Google Play store is a kind of application provided by Google and preinstalled in Samsung galaxy S6. Through this app, many applications can be downloaded and installed in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

Google Play store

In many cases, Google Play Store sett the downloaded application in a mode whereby it will automatically update. This means that once a new version or update of the application is released, then you will be driven to go to Google Play Store to download and install the update.

In many cases, the users are actually do not want to always update the app, since the process of automatic update can be a little bit disturbing and not convenient for some users.

In case you do not want an automatic update to your app, you can disable it in Google Play Store, as follows:

  1. Firstly, please open Google Play Store.
  2. After that, please tap the top left on the three bars to open the menu.
  3. After the menu is open, please select “Settings”.
  4. Please tap the “Auto update apps”.
  5. After that, a window will be opened in your screen.
  6. Please set here the label has to be “Do not auto update apps”.
  7. Finished.

Now you have disabled the auto update in Google Play Store. Please note that by disabling the automatic update, you will no longer be driven to update your application once the new release is available. Hence, if you want to update your application, you can manually do it by launching Goggle Play Store and download the recent application by yourself.

These are the tips to disable automatic update of Google Play store in Samsung galaxy S6. We hope that these tips are helpful for you.

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