How to Enable/Disable On-Screen Soft Keys on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge

We suppose to agree that on-screen soft keys are important when it comes simplify of use and user experience, but still there’s not a single Samsung devices out that features on-screen soft keys setup instead of the LED back and menu buttons along with that bulky home button on the center. The function of samsung to keep the home button is because they want a house a fingerprint scanner into it , that is why the hardware buttons are going to stay on Samsung devices for long time except if touchscreens come with integrated fingerprint scanners. Here are the simple ways to get on-screen soft keys on the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. What you have to do is just root device and a file explorer app with root permissions.

How to Enable Soft Keys

  1. Root your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge.
  2. Install a file explorer app with root permissions, you can try to use the free ES File Explorer app.
  3. Open file explorer, enable root access and got to /system directory.
  4. You will see build.prop file, open/edit it and then add the following line at the bottom of the file:
  5. Now save the file and reboot your phone.

You’ll have on-screen soft keys activate on your Galaxy S6 now. If you feel comfortable using the on-screen keys, you can even go ahead and disable the hardware keys if you wish.

(Optonal) How to Disable Hardware Keys

  1. Open on the file explorer app with root permissions and please go to the /system/usr/keylayout directory.
  2. Next, open the Generic.kl file and please look for the following lines:key 158 BACK

    key 172 HOME

    key 254 APP_Switch

  3. Here we need to disable these lines so we will just add # in front of them as shown below:#key 158 BACK

    #key 172 HOME

    #key 254 APP_Switch

  4. Now save the file and reboot your phone.

Hardware keys for Back, Home and Recents functions will now be disabled.

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