How to extend battery life of your Samsung Galaxy series

The Samsung Galaxy android flagship series are powered by 2,550 mAh battery, this phones are equipped by many excellent features, however many features means it brings more oblation to your battery smartphone, here are the simple and easy ways you can do to extend your Samsung Galaxy series battery life:

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  1. Just close running apps that you no longer need:
    There would be many applications in the background, if you do not use these apps just simply close them,head to setting  then battery session after that figure out some applications are wasting out the most of battery life in your phone,if you see culprit you could foce stop this or uninstall it.
  2. The cycle of  Battery charge:
    You should let your smartphone goes  through minimum one charge cycle a month by charging your phone battery to 100% and then use it down complitely. This action is called Power cycling by doing this it can help in getting the accurate battery usage data and also  this is very good for your phone battery maintenance.
  3. You should switching Samsung’s AMOLED screen consumes power
    you would notice there will be some difference in battery life after switching Samsung’s AMOLED screen consumes power.
  4. The Ultra power saving mode
    This is designed to be enabled in critical times if  you really need to save your battery life. This kind of mode would bring your smartphone to a grayscale theme along with limiting the number of applications you could use, you can use this  whenever you are out of home and need to save on the battery so much.
  5. Deactivate  location services:
    You don’t need the location services except you have been using maps or the other apps using the location. It will be so much easier to deactivate  location if you use  any such applications. Please turn  it off in order to increase your battery life. head to quick Settings and deactivate location services.
  6. Turn off the radio communications if you are notnecessary:
    When you do not need the cellular data,GPS,NFC,Bluetooth services or Wi-Fi please do not forget to turn them off otherwise These services will slow down the phones by constantly updating and  draining battery life. What you need to do is just turn these services  off from the Settings when you no longer need them and just  switching them only when you need these services.

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