How to fix inaccurate position on Samsung Galaxy S5

When you notice your Galaxy S5 that the positioning within apps is inappropriate, this is due to the mode of positioning is not set correctly. To set it to the accurate position, the GPS receiver and the mobile data connection or wireless LAN should be enabled. In Android Lollipop, this can be set in the “Locating Mode” to determine your location.

How to fix inaccurate position on Samsung Galaxy S5

We would like to show you how to set the accuracy of the positioning on Android Lollipop Samsung Galaxy S5.

From the home screen, tap on menu buton. Tap on Settings and choose Location, and then tap on Mode.

Now you will find the following options to determine location in the submenu:

  • High accuracy
  • Power Saving
  • GPS only

To set the accurateness of positioning on Samsung Galaxy S5, you need to select “High Accuracy”.

Now your Samsung Galaxy S5 will be able to determine your location correctly within a range of a few meters immediately.

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