How to Fix Messages are Not Sent on Samsung Galaxy S5

You may have experienced when you sent a message on your Samsung Galaxy S5, the message was not sent, but it was stuck in the outbox of the message app. This problem can be solved with one of the following ways:

  1. Reboot your Galaxy S5 to ensure that all problems that caused by errors of the SystemApp are excluded. Generally, the SMS will be sent then as usual.
  2. Check the message center on your Galaxy S5. Make sure that the number entered is correct. To check the number, follow the below procedure:
    From the home screen, open the Menu > Settings > Applications > Messages > Text Messages.

Here, you can see the message center. Tap on the entry and check whether the message center number is correct.

Message center for UK providers

T-Mobile: +447958879879

Tesco Mobile: +447802092035

Orange: +447973100973

Vodafone: +447785016005

Message center for USA providers

Sprint: +17044100000

Verizon: +316540951000

AT&T: +13123149810

T-Mobile: +12063130004

Once you have entered the right message center number, the message now is should be sent.

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