How to fix Samsung Galaxy S6 disappeared pictures in the Gallery app

On your Samsung Galaxy S6 it may happen when a picture that you have taken can not be found in the Android gallery, although the photo has been saved in the memory. The reason of this is on the Android gallery app that can’t display pictures for some reasons.

Samsung Galaxy S6 disappeared pictures

Here, we would like to tell you how to solve the problem on your Samsung Galaxy S6.

  1. Restart the Samsung Galaxy S6
    Firstly you can restart the device. The media scanner of Android will search for new images in every reboot, which leads the images will be reappeared in your gallery app. If this action doesn’t work, try the following step.
  2. Install alternative gallery app and check if this app scans the image
    You can install the QuickPic on your Samsung Galaxy S6 from the Google Play Store. You need to open the app and check whether it can find the picture on your phone. If it does, the error is located in the Android gallery.

If those actions below can not help you, you can try a Wipe Cache Partition to fix the problem.

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