How to import Sim card contacts in Android Lollipop

Have you upgraded your smartphone to the latest Android Lollipop firmware? If yes, you should perform a factory reset. So, if you have done contacts backup to the SIM card, you should import the contacts again after doing factory reset in the new installed system.

how to transfer contacts

And now, we would like to tell you how to import SIM card contacts on your device. Check the details below:

From the home screen, open the contacts app. And then, if you are in the index tap at the top right corner at the three-point icon. And then, in the small menu click on “Settings” and then go to “Contacts” and “Import/Export Contacts”.

You will see a new window, with several options below:

  • Import from device storage
  • Export to device storage
  • Import from SD card
  • Export to SD card
  • Import from sim card
  • Export to sim card

Just tap on “Import from sim card” to save all contacts from your SIM card to your Android device storage. And then, a new window will open and you can specify the new location. Generally, you can choose “Device” or “Google Account”. After you have chosen, select the contacts on the SIM card that you want to import on your Android device storage. After selecting the location, tap on “Done” at the top right.

And now, you have successfully transferred the contacts from the SIM card to Android device storage.

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