How to perform hard reset with key combination in Samsung Galaxy S6

If you are the user of Samsung Galaxy S6, you may ever experience a condition where your phone no longer boots the Android operating system. Of course, this becomes a very disturbing condition since you are no longer possible to perform a factory reset using Android.

hard reset samsung galaxy s6

Facing this condition, you actually can perform factory reset to the Samsung Galaxy S6 by using a key combination. This method is popularly known by the term “hard reset”.

Here, we will let you know the tips to reset Samsung Galaxy S6 to factory settings in a condition where you no longer have access into the Android operating system, as follows:

  1. Please firstly switch off your Samsung Galaxy S6.
  2. After that, please press the buttons of Power On / Off, Volume +, Home button to turn on your phone.
  3. Once your Samsung Galaxy S6 vibrates, please let the power on/ off button go, but keep the other two buttons pressed until a small menu appears on the screen.
  4. There will be an entry: “Wipe Cache factory reset” in the screen.
  5. Please select the entry by using the volume down button, through which Wipe Cache Factory Reset is started.
  6. Please wait awhile. Your Android operating system gets fresh reinstalled.
  7. Please note that all data on your Smartphone will be deleted due to this factory reset activity.

These are the tips perform factory reset to the Samsung Galaxy S6 by using a key combination.

Please have a try once you face such a problem.

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